How to Play Lots of Video Games on the Cheap

These days, just about anyone can be an avid gamer. In fact, statistics show that female gamers outnumber male gamers. So the stereotype of gamers being geeky guys living in their mom's basement no longer applies. The more fortunate gamers may have a large income, and those people can afford all the new games, regardless of their price. But many gamers are also students or people who live on a modest income. For these people, buying the latest releases can be costly. Some of them might even have to save up to buy them.

Fortunately, there are options for playing video games more cheaply. Below are my two favorite ways:

  1. Buy your games used.
    There is quite a big secondary market for video games. In most cases, your best bet is to look for used games online. Some sites you can use include Glyde, Ebay, and Gamestop. Used games are typically discounted by 30% or more. Even when you factor in shipping costs, you'll usually come out way ahead. And on a related note, if you have games you no longer play, you may want to consider selling them online to raise some cash, which you can use to buy other games for yourself.
  2. Rent you games from Redbox or Gamefly.
    The two main options for renting video games are Redbox and Gamefly. If you're only interested in playing a game for a day or two, Redbox can often be a good choice. But for longer rentals, Redbox becomes quite expensive, and Gamefly is a better option in those cases. With a Gamefly membership, you can rent games online and they will be shipped to your home. There are 8000 games you can currently rent across all major game consoles. You can check out the Gamefly free trial to join Gamefly and try out the service for 30 days. The downside of using Gamefly is that you have to wait for your games to arrive in the mail.